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Fashionable Couples Jewelry ❤️

At Kings N Queenz our #1 Goal is to bring you fashionable couples jewelry at an affordable price. 

Who we are

To keep things simple, We are Just two cousins who had a hard time finding a good gift for our Significant other for Valentine’s Day a few years back. We Googled, asked people on the internet and asked each other but had no luck. We gave up and did the same thing we and most people do every year. We would ask our partner's what they wanted and then get it, After a while it felt like we weren't really putting effort into the gifts and over time our partners would get frustrated. After talking and looking around together we realized that we couldn't find a site dedicated to just couples and gift ideas. Thats when we decided that needed to change. Together we came up with Kings N Queenz. If interested in learning more about us feel free to message us at  or read more about us here 

Free Shipping On All Orders

Not only is our jewelry affordable and high quality but we also offer free shipping on all orders. We are a smaller company so as of now shipping times may vary depending on how in demand the product is. Shipping usually takes between 5-14 days but Some items are in high demand and can take a bit longer. A tracking number is sent to the email you check out with once your item ships, that way you can track it from the warehouse to your doorstep. The wait is worth it we promise!

Why choose us?

I came across this website on facebook and decided to order a set of rings to surprise my girlfriend. The mood rings looked really nice and for the price i figured it would be worth it. The rings came in after a week or more but they were awesome they had really nice colors and the weight to them was surprisingly nice. Plan on ordering more later.


Very nice for the price. we like them Thanks